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Telephone:  +1 201 822 1153
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Building towards the future
Let us steer your business on the right path to upgrading your hardware and software without breaking the bank. Our experienced consulting staff will lead you to the path of successful technological upgrades step by step.

Built on trust.
We believe that trust builds the strongest partnership, which is why we put our word behind every project we create.

A Never Ending Process
With back to back successul projects we strive for perfection, growing our business every day!more


Partners List

Strength in Numbers.
To expand our areas of operation, we've partnered up with individually selected companies to save you ever penny possible!

Cisco Certified Partner
Microsoft Network Member
Allied Business Network
VistaPrint Certified Reseller
Lenovo Influencer Partner
Instant House Call Inc.
Cloud Blue Asset Reseller
Amertel Communications
BBB Pending Partnership

Partnerships for Success
If your interested in becoming a partner of Omni Tech Solutions, simply contact us with your Company Name, Industry Type, and Reason for interest so that we can tie the knot! We are always looking forward to securing ever-lasting business relationships, while securing a friendly place in the community at the same time!

Money Saving Projects

Saving in places you never though possible
From outrageous anti-virus costs to through-the-roof tech support payments, we'll create a customized project to get your business rolling in the right direction. Saving more is making more! Don't let the bills build knowing a chance to save money is only a phone call away! Our projects aim to cut overhead spending while increasing the quality of your IT operations.

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