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Telephone:  +1 201 822 1153
FAX:+1 201 641 3228
A Few Words About Us

OTS is a network partnership
Today's technology support requires experts in a wide variety of unique fields. OTS offers an array of web designers, network engineers, PC technicians, programmers, cabling tech's, even commercial digital artists. We provide both team solutions or an individual professional depending on the size and complexity of your tech problem.

Our highly reliable professional network enables OTS to maintain cost effective staffing while providing a deep knowledge base in each field of expertise.

Company Profile

The key is our people
Our founder Craig Rogers was building PC's at age 12. His mentor (father) purchased one of the first IBM personal computers, manufactured PC based electronics and pushed him to research new technologies instead of depending on others. This drove Craig to build a team of "tech geeks" like himself, to provide better solutions then those offered by each computer store's so called experts (the same that recommend that you buy another computer or product of their company!).

Who We Are

Operating out of NJ & NY Area
We are a network of technology professionals that enjoy providing personalized customer service. We treat you the way we would want to be treated.

To join the OTS network you have to be both a technology-related professional and understand our version of customer service. We enjoy breaking down the vast world of technology into layman's terms. Just try us and find out!

What We Offer

Cost effective solutions to your tech needs Join the many individuals and businesses whose websites are up and running, PC's are upgraded and working reliably, Servers have been upgraded and/or replaced, or kept their money because the solution to the problem wasn't just..."buy new equipment".

Now read down through our menu and let's get the solution to your problem in motion!

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